Jeff Sekerak

Got cancer? Here's what I'd do. It's simple. It works. See attached...

Silvrback blog imageIf I were diagnosed with cancer?

I'd likely read and implement, THE BREUSS CANCER CURE: Advice for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia and Other Seemingly Incurable Diseases. Why? Well, the Breuss' million-copy bestseller was credited as the impetus for successfully treating over 45,000 cases of (allegedly) . . .

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September 03, 2017

All Things In Moderation. NOT!

Here's why:

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It's good to eliminate bad habits. And eliminate them completely. Examples: Alcohol consumption. Soda drinking. Flesh eating. TV watching. And spouse cheating. These are just a few behaviors I'd consider less than desirable. And downright toxic to your long term health. If you're addicted to ANY of these? Don't try to wean . . .

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January 21, 2017

Jeff's Top 5 Tips for Building The Body of Your Dreams:

Start 'em now. Be reborn!

Silvrback blog image Some believe you need complex 'programs' to be fit and healthy. So they join gyms. Hire personal trainers. Invest in bizarre, often restrictive diet plans. And guess what: They waste loads of cash in the process! Well, my friends - truth is: You need just 5 simple steps to build the body of your dreams. That's been my experience. . . .

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February 23, 2016

Don't judge a drug addict. Before you get to know him. Here's why:

Silvrback blog imageOnce, I enjoyed cocaine and alcohol. I reasoned: Cocaine comes from a plant. So THAT'S OK. And alcohol? Well, everybody does that! Besides, I'm 100% vegan. And that alone will counteract any ill effects from all this 'partying.' Not so, I found. I learned a lesson - the hard way. I'm glad to be 100% sober now. Life's . . .

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January 19, 2016

Eat fruit. Blood sugar fears? 'Be damned!' Details here...

A paleo enthusiast told me: 'I can't eat fruit. It raises your blood sugar. Just like a candy bar!' My response: Sure, it does. And that's why Dr. Graham (among others) has proven beyond all doubt: That when you eat a 100% fruit diet. And simultaneously lower fat intake. Diabetes, a blood sugar issue, disappears. And blood . . .

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December 23, 2015

Offend someone! Move humanity while you're at it. Here's how...

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Not everyone will like you. ESPECIALLY when it comes to social media. In fact: If everyone DOES like you? You might take that as a sign of imminent danger. That you're 1) Being lazy. And NOT challenging anyone's belief system or comfort zone. 2) Watching too much TV. And bouncing absurd ideas off other misinformed folk - simply to . . .

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November 20, 2015

Recognize Patterns. Build GREAT health! Here's EXACTLY how...

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Cultures that eat a high-carb, whole-foods, plant-based diet suffer LOW incidences of degenerative disease - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and the like. On the other hand: Cultures that load up on protein, fat, meat, and processed foods? They suffer degenerative disease in MASSIVE numbers. It's not necessary to break down . . .

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November 03, 2015